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i. Must Post The Rules

ii. Must Say 10 Things about yourself

iii. Must Answer the questions from the person who tagged you

iv. Must Tag 10 people and ask them 10 questions

v. No Tag Backs



i. I’m a US college student.

ii. I’m an English major.

iii. I wrote 378 pages of a novel which I just scrapped and restarted completely.

iv. I have a dog (Manny).

v. I have two Tribbles (Tiny, and Balthazar the Colossus Supreme Lord of Darkness).

vi. I’m attending 1-3 conventions this summer.

vii. I spent spring break (last week) making a Loki headpiece, sword, Death Note, a Welcome to Night Vale t-shirts, and a Hawkeye t-shirt.

viii. I make probably twice the amount of art I post here, but forget to post it or wait too long and start disliking it.

ix. I’m met John Barrowman

x. Since my last convention (Philidelphia Wiz Con 2013) I’ve gotten really into Marvel comics


Questions for me

i. Whats the last dream you remember?

    It had something to do with Hawkeye and hiding kittens in my dormroom (I’m being completely serious).

ii. Which is your favourite episode of your favourite TV show?

    Oh gosh, I have so many favorite shows. I’m going to go with ‘Changing Channels’ on Supernatural. Gotta love Gabriel.

iii. Which is the lenguage that sounds the funniest for you?

    Icelandic. Definitely Icelandic.

iv. What's the highiest mountain you have been?

    Somewhere in Peru. We were in the Andes and there were issues with the air thinning out.

v. Name 2 people you enjoy talking to, you can make them up.

    I have a couple but I’ll go with intotheembers :iconintotheembers: and whenkelseydraws :iconwhenkelseydraws:

vi. What's the most embarassing thing that ever happend to you in public?

    There’s so many I’m sure, but all I can come up with right now is when I was listening to the podast Welcome to Night Vale and I heard Koscheck (the cat hovering four feet off the floor of the radio station bathroom) meow for the first time, I pulled my headphones out and yelled ‘What the HELL was that?!’ with my family sitting in the room.

    (ps, that ain’t a frigging cat. Cecil, you have a miniature demon panther living in your bathroom. Just an FYI).

vii. Which book would you save from the flames?

    Any of Doyle’s works of Sherlock Holmes

viii. If you could errase a song from the universe which one would it be?

    The Narwhal Song.

ix. How are you doing today?

    Good, thanks for asking!


Questions for you

    1. What is your name?  (if you want to share)

    2. What is your quest?

    3. What is your favorite color?

    4. What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    5. Did you understand the reference of the questions 1-4?

    6. What is the last song you listened to?

    7. Can you dance?

    8. What’s the last movie you watched?

    9. What does the fox say?

    10. Do you hate me for asking question 9?

Tag time:
(I only tag people who I'm positive won't mind, so that's it)

Well, I'm done. Hopefully I can find the time to post photos of my most recent creations soon!

Cobblestone <3

  • Listening to: Death Note Soundtrack
  • Reading: A CSI novel
  • Watching: my friends react to Supernatural season 3
  • Drinking: tea


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I’m a Whovian, Shrlockian, Supernaturalist, Merlinian, SJA Luke/Maria Shipper, Irrelevant, Trekkie, Fannibal, Brown Coat, ‘Caskett’ Shipper, CSI Greg Sanders/Morgan Brody – ‘Sandy’ Shipper, Perceiver, Danosaur, Philion, Tiny Planet Explorer, Citizen of Night Vale, and one of Dr. Spencer Reid’s not ‘normal’ fans.

I draw and create digital art in my spare time - which I have very little of around college. I do a bit of photography but mostly draw cartoons in a style that borders on Chibi. I also dabble in crafts and LOVE cosplaying.

"L" - Death Note by Niilode

Tumblr: (follow me here at first looks at WIP and comments on my strange life) (follow me here for fun stuff I reblog from the many fandoms I'm a part of)

MY COSPLAY BLOG - where photos of all my new cosplays may be found -

Mishapocalypse Stamp by reshiiram

Don't Blink now... DW Weeping Angels Stamp by TwilightProwler TARDIS by Psychotic-Carp Dr. Whooves trotting by Tsume-pazur Weeping Ponies by WolfeyKitten

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What Death Note Character Are You?
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Which Sherlock Holmes Character Are You?
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